La Chica Loca Joven Tobala Mezcal

The methods of elaboration of our products are carried out through our agaves with 10 years of maturation; the type of cooking is in conical ovens based on river stone using firewood from the region, such as Encino and Mesquite, baked for five days. The milling in Chilean mills pulled by a horse, the fermentation is natural, with native yeasts, varying the same between six and eight days. Double distillation in copper stills; depending on the case, we rest it in mature oak barrels for six months. All of the above results in a slightly citric, smoky and mild to the palate Mezcal. We are proud that this Mezcal is made with 100% agave from the Oaxaca Valley. We have a big diversity of Mezcal in our offer all of them of a high quality, elaborated according to the denomination of origin: NOM-070-SCFI-1994.