Demon Tropicoco Rum

Demon Rum® was created from a desire for a premium rum with flavor smooth enough that it could be enjoyed on the rocks, AND in amazing cocktail mixology. Demon Spiced Rum “Unleashed” launched January 1, 2016, and is setting the standard for what a bold and exciting spiced rum tastes like. Couple that with our new and provocative Demon Silver Rum “TropiCoCo”, and you’ve got a one-two punch that is grabbing attention wherever it is served. Try it, and you’ll understand what it means to “Unleash Your Demon”.


We offer two beautiful premium rum products that inspire creativity and fun – with our flagship Demon Spiced Rum “Unleashed,” and our new full-flavored Demon Silver Rum “TropiCoCo.” Demon Rum begins with real rum crafted from pure sugar cane molasses, then blended with all natural flavorings, assuring consistent quality and flavor in every cocktail. Both begin with premium rums from the Caribbean, where rum is king. We sourced our main ingredient there because that’s where the finest rums in the world originate. There are many other popular rum brands that use grain neutral spirits as there base spirit, which isn’t really rum at all. Demon Rum is All Natural Real Rum & flavorings, 80 Proof & Gluten Free! Ask your distributor for a sample, or contact us to help you get Demon Rum in your establishment.