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Our Story

88 Spirits is composed of a diverse group of tequila aficionados enchanted by the world of their spirits…. tequila. We are determined to captivate people worldwide by providing each individual with memorable experience through our unique spirits products. Our Sophisticated products are created with great pride and by the most talented people in the industry.

Hari Dhiman, Founder / CEO

Our Vision

Enriching people’s lives internationally while distinguishing ourselves as the finest spirits company in the world

Our Mission

To produce premium quality spirits products, while creating a timeless global experience of growth, success and entertainment.

88 Blanco w. Box

100% Blue Agave Tequila

88 Tequila Blanco brings a crystalline look of its purity and noble origin through clear and bright silver flashes. It cultivates a silkiness that forms cascading legs on the glass in companionship with the aroma of the cooked agave, herbal elements, and citric notes. The delicacy of floral notes and distinctive finishing flavor creates a perfect amount of smoothness and pleasurable aftertaste.
88 Reposado w. Box

100% Blue Agave Tequila

88 Tequila Reposado embodies the true spirit of a twelve month rested tequila in oak barrels giving it a subtle gold color with glistening gold flashes against light. The smooth aroma of wood blends in between the delightful scent of cooked agave, butter, pecan, and almonds producing an enticing smooth flavor of alcohol with a touch of vanilla.

88 Anjeo w. Box

100% Blue Agave Tequila

88 Tequila Añejo is the success of patience, dedication, and willingness of a twenty-four month rested tequila in oak barrels. It delivers us the best experience through its amber crystal color with copper flashes alongside a powerful sweet aroma of the cooked agave in perfect balance with wood, butter, pecan, and vanilla. A tequila that has a delectable silky and round flavor that is true ecstasy to the senses.
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